Notable Military Force

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Splinter Fleet Cerberus

Tyranid Splinter Fleet
Notable Military Force

Splinter Fleet Cerberus is a post-Iyanden/IcharIV off-shoot of Hive Fleet Kraken. Not long after the Kraken was seemingly defeated at those two infamous battles, it became apparent the surviving Tyranid bioships had shattered into a number of splinter fleets and were fleeing deeper into the Imperium, rather than back into intergalactic space.
Cerberus is one such poison barb. It is currently digging its way into the Anton Australis sector via the Boten Cloud Nebula, a route previously believed to be impassible. But a strong Imperial resistance is finally being mounted in the Frigia system. This splinter fleet is notable for its reliance on the Tyranid Warrior gene-template and the presence of the notorious Hive Tyrant bioform 'Old Growler'.