Notable Military Force

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Kelmon's Last Avowal

Eldar Warhost
Notable Military Force

After the events of Hivefleet Kraken's invasion of Craftworld Iyanden in 792.M41, the populace was left devastated. The young Prince Kelmonyr found himself the lone survivor of the house of Monn. Black with grief over his personal losses, Kelmonyr was particularly affected by the death of Farseer Kelmon, Iyanden's spitirual leader and he who had masterminded the defence of the craftworld during the invasion. His despair was deepened still by his hot-blooded – and arrogant – insistence in council that the Kraken could not hope to make landfall; and that Iyanden need not even attempt to avoid the wave of star-flesh.


In the years going forward, Kelmonyr followed the path of the architect, seeking to rebuild his home as quickly as possible in an attempt to block out the guilt over his directives in council. He was contrite; humbled and haunted. After two decades, it became clear to the overstretched survivors of the invasion that pretending things could be rebuilt and returned was less than a dream. With four-fifths of the populace dead, the echoing, cavernous halls of the depopulated craftworld were growing dim and unused. For every tower raised by Kelmonyr and his compatriots, two began to crumble.

Like many amongst the Iyandii, Kelmonyr channeled his fury and grief into battle, and he rose to prominence as a capable warrior who fought in a number of the small wars and conflicts to which Iyanden restricted herself after Behemoth. After more than a century, Kelmonyr, now respected as a far-sighted leader, took the path that led to him becoming an Autarch. He gathered a host and fleet to himself, determining to pursue the Tyranids where they could be found, and chase down the murderers of Kelmon. Only through this did he believe he could find peace; and only through the destruction of the Children of the Kraken does he believe can Iyanden truly begin to put the trauma behind it and rebuild.

While most respect his leadership and quiet capability, some whisper that the sisyphean task he has undertaken indicates an unbalanced mind, too eager for war.


Preferring to lead and fight alongside the living, in a conscious effort to avoid further disturbing the dead – whose help brings Kelmonyr fresh grief – the Prince nevertheless has to face reality. His fleet contains a large contingent of Wraithconstructs, who are deployed in larger conflicts. To guide these in battle, Prince Kelmonyr made a plea to Iyanden's leaders to grant him the support of the Spiritseers; in order that he could fight effectively and with the fewest losses.

Pleased with his contrition, the Shadow Council Eagla ar an Dorchadas, made of some of the most active and capable practitioners of fís spiorad, march to war alongside him.

Together with Culen the Insufferable, a renowned (if rather stuffy) Farseer, and the Autarch Yddrisil, the Glorious Eight march to war in Antona Australis, seeking to curb the advance of the Great Devourer, and to find ways, means and artefacts to pursue that agenda.