Notable Military Force

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Iron Hands Clan Trago

Space Marine Company
Notable Military Force
The vicissitudes of warp communication and travel meant that replies to support the Fourth Great Purge – requests sent decades before the events – were received throughout the campaign. One such request was received by Clan Company Trago, an Iron Hands force serving in the Prodigium Os subsector. Once their xenocidal campaign against the Sheen was completed to his satisfaction, leaving the nascent alien empire in ruins, the Clan translated to the Antona Australis sector and joined the Purges in the fifth year of the war. They served with laudable devotion throughout the remainder of the campaign, though their understrength disposition – following the Sheen campaign – meant they were largely restricted to support and void operations for a number of years.   While some are touched by the loathing of the flesh known amongst those of Iron Hand geneseed, the Clan sternly prohibits physical excision except in cases of damage. As a result, the Clan exhibits fewer visible bionic upgrades than typical; sleeving essential replacements beneath armourplas and ceramite.   Following core Iron Hands beliefs of self-reliance and strength, those of Clan Trago make full use of their post-human anatomy; though those who do suffer injury are quick to argue the case for bionic or augmetic replacement if it will help them return to the field of battle more swiftly.