Notable Military Force

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House Nestis

Imperial Knight Household
Notable Military Force

To their unending sorrow, the Sito Sisterhood of Forgeworld Janus is required by oath and tradition to give up their most beautiful and talented daughters, pledging their hands in marriage to the Prater Ferrum. Each supplicant is not fully inducted into House Nestis and given the rank of Lady, until she has born at least one child for her patron-husband. Not all survive this time, for reasons that are best left to the imagination.

House Nestis, as an extreme example of a Mechanicus-aligned House, has adopted the livery of Legio Kerberos, differing only in its heraldry, a weeping face of stone surrounded by burning chains. Its approach to war is subtle, endlessly provoking the enemy into overreaching, luring foes into baited traps, always fighting and then retreating in false flight. Like the Legio Kerberos, House Nestis often struggles when fighting alongside Imperial forces that are more found of keeping ground and see retreat as shameful. Epic poems celebrating the few occasions that House Nestis has fought alongside the White Scars or the Raven Guard are frequently retold by the House’s bards. 

House Nestis has fought alongside House Temporis on a few dozen occasions, enough for a clear rivalry to develop between the two. Both houses are too alike to truly forgive each other's existence and their few differences are enough to incite envy. Temporis is jealous of Nestis' seeming purity, while Nestis envies Temporis' independence. The irony is that if the Knights of Temporis knew the awful extent of House Nestis’ bondage, they would offer their support in a heart-beat. Similarly, House Nestis can see through the recent machinations of Hive Bezoa - recognising its recent gift of the Cerastus Knight-Arapos, Reginae Obscurae, as an attempt to ensnare House Temporis now that the Ordo Chronos has disappeared without trace.