Notable Military Force

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Da Golden Horde

Ork tribe
Notable Military Force

The Golden Horde
Found inhabiting the feral wastelands and untamed jungles of Rokshak, The Golden Horde are one of the more feral snakebite tribes. though they have a basic orky level of technology, mek boyz are scarce and they rely heavily on traded firearms and "improvised" weapons (they are not precious about it, pretty much anything to hand that is thumpy or stabby will do). As their fire arms are traded for and there aren't many within the tribes with the knowotz to fix broken ones, the orks of The Golden Horde tend to take much more care of their guns than other orks. infact, well maintained shiny firearms is one of the features that distinguishes the tribe. 

Born with the innate orky knowledge that "Yeller is Ded Flash" the Golden Horde orks collect shiny yellowish things, but not having much technical knowledge and limited access to machinery they just use them for decoration. The tribe gets its name from the shiny gold and brass trinkets the orks adorn themselves and their dwellings with. it is not uncommon for a golden horde chieftain to have an entire hut devoted to housing his collection of "golden things" that serve absolutely no purpose. 
Rokshak itself is a rather unusual phenomenon. it consists of a collection of asteroids, planetoids and moon like rocks that, due to some gravitational anomaly, are in a weird sort of tight orbit, on many different planes, around a point of space within the same atmospheric bubble. the whole freak occurrence orbits a star. 
due to the unusual situation Rokshak is in, none there are no easily discernible days and nights as the different lengths speeds and directions of orbits mean that passing rocks may cause mere moments or several years of shadow, and it may be mild shade or total darkness. 

As a result of their intermittent exposure to direct sunlight, the orks of Rokshak are a duller paler colour than tribes that dwell in more consistent light. they also have a wiry sinewy build due to their nomadic existence, because of the light conditions all the local fauna and even a lot of the flora is highly migratory.