Notable Military Force

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Church of the Astral Ascension

Genestealer Cult
Notable Military Force

The Church of the Astral Ascension is an entirely normal Ecclesiastical sub-cult, and if you think there's anything suspicious about it then you're obviously a heretic projecting your guilt onto the righteous servants of the Emperor. The Church has its strongest support base in the asteroid mining stations that silently drift between the orbits of Grovsenor II and Lunedown in the capital system, although it also has it's adherent amongst the merchant houses of the Ore Guilds on the surface of Grovsenor II itself.

The priesthood of the Church of the Astral Ascension – it's tenets carried to the Grosvenor system by mineral freighters returning from rimward journeys – and its adherents believe that the Emperor will soon ascend to the stars and travel from world to world, gathering the faithful to his breast with his many, many loving arms. It is the duty of the Church to prepare believer and unbeliever alike amongst the great flock of Humanity for the Emperor's imminent arrival.

The Church promises to share its secrets of redemption with any true believers. Simply join your brother acolytes behind the curtain over there, and all will be revealed (no full-face helmets or gum shields please)...