Dramatis personae

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Sky-Captain Bastian T'Moro

Dramatis personae

Dashing Sky-Captain of the future, T'Moro is a native of New Republica. Like many from this world, T'Moro is short and wiry in stature, but frighteningly fit and startling handsome.

From his gleaming lilac eyes to the tips of his flightboots, T'Moro is the epitome of the Imperial fighter ace – reckless, daring and dashing. The feats of this charismatic young man have quickly become legendary, and his pict-capture is eagerly traded by hero-worshipping boys across the sector on lho-stick cards, thousands of swooning teenaged girls and hundreds of mothers who should probably know better.

Holder of the Medallion Crimson, Honorifica Aeronautica, Medallion Alba, Regimental ring-combat champion, T'Moro also held the slightly dubious honour of Most Regimental VD Innoculations until his marriage to his childhood sweetheart.

He is currently embroiled in air combat across Merryweather, leading flight squadron Bedlam in his trusty Thunderbolt, Dragonfly.

What a guy!

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