Dramatis personae

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Shas'O Suna Sene

Dramatis personae

Shas’O Suna Sene (“Strikes From Hidden”, translated from a somewhat obscure T’au dialect) is the leader of the Deepreef Pirates’ military forces. His or her origins are unknown outside of the faction, and as all non-military dialogue is conducted by the Ethereals or the small Water Caste corps, very few external T’au have had personal dealings with Commander Sene.

Suna Sene’s tactical ethos is a blending of Kauyon and Mont’ka – Deepreef forces tend to have a substantial contingent of recon and stealth units who will scout the battlefield and prepare ambushes. Once they have assembled a full suite of information about the forces which oppose them, Commander Sene unleashes a wave of precision strikes followed by withdrawals which lure the enemy into the hidden traps.

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