Dramatis personae

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Rogue Trader Dellibus Boyii

Dramatis personae

Hailing originally from the Peckim system, Dellibus likes to believe that he is one of the sharpest operators in the galaxy, always out for a quick throne and with a smile and swagger that would charm the undergarments off even the most jaded spaceport strumpet. The truth, however, is far more prosaic. The glory days of the Boyii are long gone and Dellibus' flag-ship – the Solibus Negotiatoria, resplendent in its yellow livery – is a ghost of its former self. Most of the experienced crew are long gone, replaced by those gullible few taken in by Dellibus' empty promises of fantastical loot just around the corner.

Dellibus believes himself to be a natural xeno-linguist, despite the fact that every attempt he has made to converse in Eldar, has resulted in bloodshed. Alongside his first mate, Rodarius Trost, Dellibus has attempted a near infinite number of get-rich schemes over his career. Dellibus' recent attempt to domesticate and farm squigs on the agriworld of Pontarddulais is the latest in a series of spectacular backfires; leading to an unfortunate incident with a face-eater squig which had opted to inhabit the colony Governor's latrine and a quite unexpected – and decidedly unwelcome – case of orks.

Dellibus' recent pursuit of Moon Princess Xalara, has had unintended consequences. Aghast at the man's complete lack of subtlety, honesty or indeed any other virtue, Xalara infected Dellibus with a specially tailored meme-virus. As a result, all of Dellibus' subsequent conquests have been shocked to find themselves in possession of the sum total of his rather scant knowledge, including the exact size and worth of his assets: many times smaller than he declares to all and sundry.

It is only a matter of time before Dellibus is the victim of a blackmailing racket. That said, anyone attempting to get a cut from the Boyii's much-reduced fortunes will need to work fast. In his growing desperation, Dellibus has started to make in-roads into the Cold Trade and those older and wiser than him may well seek to use the oblivious Rogue Trader as a way of smuggling artefacts from the Halo stars into the Antona Australis sector.