Dramatis personae

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Reserve-Admiral Hieronymus Frost

Dramatis personae

Heironymus Frost is the Admiral of the Imperial '2nd Reserve Cruiser Flotilla'. He found himself "promoted" to this position after he led his cruiser and several others to safety following the devestating Necron ambush of the Imperial Navy's '8th Patrol Group' around the planet of Last Trail.

He is a dedicated officer with 55 years service in the Imperial Navy, of which 18 have been spent as a captain. He is loyal to the Imperial creed and comparatively interested in the wellbeing of the men under his command.

Reserve-Admirial Frost's first mission with his new command is to hunt down and eliminate the Necron naval threat in the Antona Australis sector. Nobody is under any illusions concerning the difficulty of this mission, but Heironymus Frost is determined to complete it, or die in the attempt.

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