Dramatis personae

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Dramatis personae

Torn 'Maverork' Krooz was originally a freeboota who 'trained'* under the infamous Squiggles but was eventually kicked out of the skwadron for not being reckless enough.  Without a plane he joined up with some freeboota stormboyz and after a long stint killing 'umies for Waa-Snazgutz he eventually managed to 'acquire' his own plane again.  Since then he has become both an essential and irritating part of Waa-Snazgutz as skwadron commander of the newly formed Rok Skawdron**.

'Maverork' is an old Skwadron Commander nickname that has been around for millenia.  The original Maverork was a daring and reckless pilot who took place in numerous engagements during the Fourth Great Cull and since then, 'Maverork' has become a title used by other orks.

The current 'Maverork' (Krooz) is a shorter than average ork who is never seen without his mirrored glasses.  'Maverork' has a penchant for volleysqiug and can be found posing on the beach when not flying his plane.  


* Worked out how not to crash by following him around and not shooting him by accident.

** Hastily formed after Nuzzgrond's failed sky based assasination attempt during the Anchorage Annexation campaign.

Associated military force