Dramatis personae

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[Lord] Colonel Martial Carson

Dramatis personae

Colonel Martial James Carson is a brooding single-minded man, whose penchant to engage the enemy in close combat with his trademark power fist has faded with age. Carson has lead the Lastrati through five decades of war. 

Colonel Carson resented his redeployment to Antona, as he has heard rumours of orks gathering for attack on Valhalla, where he was hoping to go. He does however relish the thought of once again defeating orks in combat, whether in Antona or as previously on Valhalla and Medusa. He is a loyal man and will defend the sector at all costs however he does secretly hope that his regiment will face orks and defeat them.

The men of the 3rd Lastrati regiment both fear and respect Carson, not as a leader who inspires loyalty but rather as one who brings them glory – and most importantly keeps them alive long enough that one in ten can hope to retire.

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