Dramatis personae

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Kaptain Nuzzgrond

Dramatis personae

Kaptin Nuzzgrond is a Blood Axe Ork Warboss and considerable menace to all Imperial forces in the sector. He particularly enjoys raiding Imperial planets to capture weapons and equipment for future use against their previous owners.

Upon arrival in the Antona Australis sector, Nuzzgrond's first act was to hire his service to the human successionists of Mellissa II. His plan was to defeat the Imperials sent to bring the rebels to heel, before turning on his erstwhile employers. However things did not go according to plan and the rebellion was crushed in short order. Nuzzgrond and his surviving boyz were harried halfway across the sector by Caef Terentius Dresden and his Lamb's Worlders, earning the grizzled Guard commander the bitter emnity of the Ork warboss.

Although his force started out as a small raiding warband, it has recently grown in size to include hordes of boys and giant war machines. Imperial observers believe it is only a matter of time before 'Nuzzgrond's Shooty Boyz' becomes 'Waaa-Nuzzgrond' and the entire sector is plunged into a protracted campaign of conquest and bloodshed. That time may be nearer than most believe however, as events in the Anchorage system have shown. With the star of Waa-Snazgutz on the rise, it is a well known secret that the good Kaptain has designs on the life of his corpulant boss, and would dearly love to assassinate him in some cunning manner and seize control of the Waaaagh himself. Whether or not he can achieve this objective remains to be seen...

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