Dramatis personae

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Inquisitor Zelial

Dramatis personae

Inquisitor Zelial is an experienced Inquisitor who is gifted with prodigious psychic powers and a will of iron. He specialises in rooting out alien and daemonic threats that lie hidden beneath the surface of human society.
The hives of the Grosvenor system have proved a fertile hunting ground for this respected agent of the Imperium; Zelial's investigations uncovered a Genestealer infestation deep beneath the hive of Lorysia on Grosvenor II. The Inquisitor was forced to call upon the aid of Captain White Eagle and his Deathwing to purge the underhive of this dangerous menace.

Zelial is currently attached to White Eagle's task force Vengeful Blade as the two mighty warriors continue in their struggle to rid the Antona Australis sector of a multitude of Xenos threats.

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