Dramatis personae

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Inquisitor Melkizadek Vo

Dramatis personae

Inquisitor Vo of the Ordo Xenos is a quiet and non descript man, an aspect of himself which he cultivates as it helps him to blend in and go undercover (or occasionally special condition) when the need arises.  It is rumoured that the Inquisitor is a little too close to the Xenos that he purpotes to hate, an accusation that has never been proved although circumstantially the Inquisitor does seem to be able to get into (and out of) places that no human should be able to.  Rumor has it that the Inquisitor may have had contact with and be a follower of the teachings of Inquisitor Czevak.

Inquisitor Vo played an active part in rooting out the Grosvenor II infestation much of which was attrributed to the team he assembled.  This included Caliduss assasin --REDACTED--.  It also included a local Administrator by the name of Leuphen (whom the Inquisitor deemed uncorruptable and slightly unstable due to a latent and repressed hatred of xenos).  It also included a loyal ever present interogator as well as two mysterious figures (bodyguards?) that always seem to accompany the Inquisitor (although not usually at the same time)

Inquisitor Vo has recently dropped everything to Investigate a mysterious and newly appeared abandoned craftworld that has appeared out of the Botun Cloud Nebula.  His reports indicate that he has found a way onboard.