Dramatis personae

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Imperial Commander Sibley Veradecthis

Dramatis personae

Imperial Commander of Frigia Prime, also known as Thrymr, Sibley Veradecthis inherited the title after the death of her father during the events that led to the loss of the Frigia system to the Brightsword Protectorate.

Lady Veradecthis is known to the Inquisition as a young Commander with a forceful personality. Serious-minded, driven and dedicated to her people and world, Veradecthis eventually – and reluctantly – surrendered nominal command of the planet's military forces to Shas'O Nadir'ra after her capture after the assault on Ravine Golosoc at the height of the war on Frigia, believing it to be the only way to save her people from the encroachment of the Tyranids.

Imperial sanction has not yet been passed upon her; as Frigia lies far from the centres of Imperial power. However, while the wheel's of the Emperor's forces grind slow, they grind exceedingly small... Only time will tell how history will remember Sibley Veradecthis: as a heroine of the Imperium who made the best decision possible; or a treasonous traitor.