Dramatis personae

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Gron, Kommando Kaptain

Dramatis personae

Gron is the current Kaptain of the Shooty Boyz' Kommando squads, and a loyal supporter of warboss Nuzzgrond. Strong, silent and fond of solitude (by Orky standards), Gron spends he time between battles living apart from the rest of the tribe, only reappearing from his mountain home when the clan marches to war, or when raw Kommandos require the benefit of his wisdom. When Gron does speak his words are short, to the point and spoken in a thick accent that becomes less and less intelligible as his anger rises.

Gron has lead many successful missions and raids on behalf of Nuzzgrond. Most recently he took part in the battle known as the Shattering of the Plains of Tranquility. Gron quickly became embroiled in the thickest part of the fighting around the feet of the twin Ork Stompas, and finally found himself face to face with Risius Kyle, captain of the Emperor's Hawks Second company. A bitter fight ensued, and it seemed on several occasions that Gron would get the better of the veteran human war leader...

But unfortunately for the Ork hero it was not to be, as Kyle finally managed to overpower Gron, seriously injuring him before abandoning him as just another corpse littering the battlefield. However the gnarly Kommando was not quite dead and his loyal boyz carried his broken body to Dr. Zugburg once the Imperials had been driven away. It can't be long before the ever resilient Gron recovers and sets out in search of Kyle, looking to fufill the chilling promise he made the 'umie just before being run though by his power sword..."I'll be back!"

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