Dramatis personae

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Green Barron

Dramatis personae

Da Green Barron is the leader of a piratical Ork air force known as Da Silva Teef Vultures. Da Silva Teef harass Imperial, Tau and Eldar supply lines, striking from an as yet undiscovered hidden base of operations. Da Silva Teef have been seen operating in several systems throughout the Antona Australis sector, a feat attributed to the spaceborne capabiltiies of their aircraft, an 'enhancement' thought up by the sqwadrons mekboy, although they have never been seen to attack the same target twice.

No motives or logic to Da Barrons attacks have been discerned, although as an Ork, there need be none other than good fightin'. Rumours abound, however, from those few survivors of Da Barrons attacks, that he orders all prisoners kept alive for interrogation, submitting them to a cruel torture, whilst demanding to know the location of his missing Amelia Orkheart.

The success of Da Barrons attacks has meant he has become hugely wealthy, yet he rarely keeps his wealth, instead seeming to plow it all back into the purchase of more aircraft and Orks to follow him, resulting in an increasing number of attacks across the sector. The large pay packet and promise of extra looted booty has attracted many Orks to Da Barrons fleet, including most recently the reknowned Luckee Aces sqwadron, who deserted Waaaaghh Bighead for fame and glory with Da Vulturez. Warboss Bighead is reportedly not very happy about this and has set a bounty out for Da Barrons head.