Dramatis personae

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Dramatis personae

One of the leaders of the Blakk Kutta tribe during the Fourth Great Cull of M37, Goranhuwl was identified and marked for termination. He proved remarkably resilient, repeatedly appearing to lead his forces after seemingly dying. Seen as capable enough to lead forces while being trustworthy enough (for an ork), Skraga made the fateful decision to delegate command of the Plateaus of Rust to the burly ork. He thus became the first of Skragakan's lieutenants after the Invasion of Kursalt; a decision which marked the tribe's expanding ambitions from plantery conquerors and turned their eyes to the sea of stars.

Avaricious and blunt, but ultimately loyal to his master, Gornahuwl became a thorn in the side of the invading Imperial forces as he opted for a defensive strategy of burnt earth, guerilla tactics and use of the deadly landscape of the deathworld to make up for the comparatively small size of his force. By the time the Kuttas left Kursalt to engage the Purge Fleets, Goranhuwl had built up a sizeable personal kult as a hero of the orks – a reputation that sat uneasily with the Skragakan himself.


Defeated Shadow-Captain Raanyr in single-combat on Genyx (second half of M37.778).

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