Dramatis personae

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Genetor Secundus Zachary Santiago

Dramatis personae

Zachary Santiago (M41.203–present) is a Martian native and an important dinitary in the Braun system during the Hyperion Gambit. His knowledge of Xeno-tech would prove vital in the noospheric defence of the satellites of Braun.

Santiago harboured a notorious and savage hatred of the tau, and this emotional response – deemed distasteful by the Martian Mechanicum – had long hindered his promotion beyond Secundus. Failing failed in his request for transfer from the Divisio Technicus to Divisio Mandati, Santiago opted for special status, and became a travelling lecturer, bringing his particular skills to various Forgeworlds. 

He later proved to be a vital propaganda tool in the war, and returned to Mars to reapply for his transfer.