Dramatis personae

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Dr Squiglove

Dramatis personae

Squiglove is mad, even by orky standards.  He should by all rights by dead.  I will get back to that.


He was a mekboy once but he was so mad that the boss told him he 'ad two chosuz, look after im [gestures towards the wierdboy], or fly dat plane yuz made dat even maverork wont tuch'.  Its a just as well really from an Imperial perspective, he was onto something, something about a doomsday device that would shake up the cold war between the Tau and the Imperium on the Eastern Fringe.


Anyway about the dead thing.  The problem was that the bombs were too big for the plane.  He figured this out the hard way.  On his first sortie he dive bombed an Imperial guard artillery column.  When he pressed the bomb release button though he accidentally released the plane instead and rode the bomb down to the ground.  He hit a massive sprough tree though just before he hit the ground and his momentum carried him minus his lower half to safety as the Imperial column was destroyed by over sized bombs and crashing planes.


He refused cybernetic legs.  When he is not in his plane he rides his massive house squig around (complete with plug and play harness) or hovers around on what he likes to call his Hark-omen suspensors (named after the errie screech they make when he uses them)


Watch out for 'da doctur'.  He flies a plane called Ork Force One.  He doesnt much like bombz anymore but his plane is more gun now than plane, twisted and evil.  His green sqwadron was last seen over Dolor with Waagh Snazgutz.


You cant miss it.  He gets so close to you on a bombing run that he looks you in the eye just before he releases his payload.  His cowboy hat and monacle, glinting in the sunlight will be the last thing you see unless you are very very lucky... like I was...

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