Dramatis personae

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Da Terminatork

Dramatis personae

'Da Terminatork' as he is known by orks first made an appearance during the anchorage campaign as part of Waa-Snazgutz.  An ork of massive size, his bulk is rivalled only by Snazgutz himself to the degree that he needed a custom designed bike.  It was made from parts from a downed Valkyrie (mostly one of the engines) during the early stages of the Anchorage campaign. This ork is both fast and tough and wields a kind of ork chainsaw capable of cutting through anything from armies to tanks.

Da Terminatork claims he was sent back in time by Snazgutz using 'da ded pointy eared panzy wierdboy'* in order to , amongst other things, stop a partially successfull assasination attempt by Nuzzgrond and kill some 'umie soldiers' getting in the way of Snazgutz being 'da flashiest ork of all time'**.  There may be some truth in this as Da terminatork has somehow managed to target and kill a number of Imperial guard officers and Space Marine Sergeants, many of which were not on frontline duty at the time.

If true, then according to the orks, Da Terminatork will at some point be born and grow up, probably on Spartork at some undetermined point in the future (or present).  The Inquisition does not recommend interfering with this process as killing or diverting young Termintork before he comes in contact with the eldar prophet** could cause a significant warp rupture.  This leads the Inquisition into the highly uncomfortable position of protecting this ork against potential Tzentchian attempts to do the opposite***.

*Hieriel de Heirarra

**Captain Risius Kyle is allegedly one of Da Terminatorks main targets as the future chapter master of the Emperors Hawks seems to have an important role to play with or against WAAGH Snazgutz in 'da futoor'

***To exactly what extent to protect or attack Termintork is subject to much debate within radical and orthodox factions of all three Ordo with the main arguments centering around which threat to take most seriously: 

1. The damage that Termintork can do in the sub sector if protected Ordo (Xenos)

2. The pyschic damage Hieriel de Heirarra might do to the sub sector in the event of a warp rupture (Ordo Hereticus) 

3. The Tzentian plot to cause the warp rupture (Ordo Malleus)

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