Dramatis personae

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Da Dred Pirate Zogwortz

Dramatis personae

Da Dred Pirate Zogwortz is not a single ork but rather a series of orks claiming the name by besting the occupier of the name to single combat and winning the name, the title, the ship and the loyalty of the warband associated with Zogwortz. Zogwortz is a particularly cunning and wealthy ork whose warband have adopted an unusually loyal streak although the presence of significant numbers of stormboyz may go some way to explain this. It is nonetheless a highly successful strategy as the new occupier of the Zogwortz position has to be cunning enough to find the existing Dred Pirate Zogwortz and strong enough to best him in combat.

Zogwortz rose to notoriety just before the Scallop Stars cull of M37 after a series of daring raids deep into Imperial territory including one as far as Grosvenor VI where he obtained his name by outwitting and then destroying a substantial portion of the Grosvenor VI 'Rose scented' Fourth Infantry who were at the time led by Lord Captain Roberts of Grosvenor VI, the Governers 3rd son. Captain Roberts was opulent even by Imperial standards and it is said that his personal staff alone required its own armoured company of Chimeras. What he was best known for though was his hat which was fashioned from a bit of archeotech which incorporated a personal force field and which he had converted into a cap studded with unimaginably precious stones and small trophies. This included a golden toof belonging to a warboss and wierdboy long since dead which was said to give the holder 'magical' powers.

The Grosvenor VI 4th were a regiment filled with lesser noblemen and the 'spare' offspring of important people from the capital system and as such were given the easiest jobs and the most credit in whatever they did being allowed for example to come in at the end of a victorious war and claim the credit. As such the regiment were woefully unprepared for anything approximating to real combat. It is this unpreparedness and complacency as well as the 'original' Zogwortz' cunning, that allowed him to sneak into the Grosvenor system and win a battle against overwhelming odds which culminated in the beheading of Captain Roberts and the thievery (or reuniting from an ork perspective) of the golden toof. The cap is now worn by every dred Pirat Zogwortz after beheading their predecessor and gives the sectors residents the illusion that Zogwortz is immortal.

This incident led directly to the incorporation of the Grosvenor VI 4th into the Scallop Stars cull as an actual fighting force rather than a Grosvenor PDF in all but name - the regiment had to try and restore its honour.

Pirate Zogwortz has continued his campaign of terror for 3 millenium now, can anything stop this ork?

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