Dramatis personae

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Commissar-Ordinary Salem-Czet

Dramatis personae

 Life in the Imperial Guard is one of brutality and fear; a potent mix of adrenaline, cold terror and courage. Like their brethren in the Adepta Psykana and Ministorum Militaris, the Commissariat bolster the fighting spirit of the soldiers of the Imperium by assigning individuals to monitor and bolster specific weaknesses in humanity.

Commissars are assigned to individual platoons in the same manner as weapon specialists, and their purpose is similar: while melta guns may be deployed in response to enemy heavy armour, psyker battle squads deployed to engage on the mental plane, and priests of the Muneris Spiritual attached to monitor spiritual fortification, Commissars are assigned to ensure the courage of the men and women of the guard remains strong, and their allegiance to the Imperium is true.

This is achieved through a number of methods, which will vary depending upon the regiment in question. Some soldiers respond to encouragement, some to intimidation, and still others only to physical superiority. As a result, a successful Commissar must be perfect physical and mental specimens, able to outfight, outshoot, out-terrorise and outrun their charges.

Whatever the regiment's quirks, a Commissar must impose his will – and by extension, the will of the high Lords – to the troops, by hook or by crook. All Commissars are fanatically loyal to the High Lords of Terra; and this is symbolised through their ominous uniform of a black coat, and peaked cap; which almost all Commissars will wear, regardless of the theatre of war, or battlefield conditions.

His boots bulled to outshine even the most fastidious Rip-Maior, Commissar-Ordinary Salem-Czet cuts a striking figure in the stark dust landscape of Shale. He is pictured drawing his blade against an enemy, his beribboned chest thrust out and his stance defiant.
Not well-loved, Embrose Salem-Czet is feared and revered in equal measure by the men of 8th Company, Lamb's World 117th.

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