Dramatis personae

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Commissar Ivan

Dramatis personae

Commisar Ivan is charged with maintaining order amongst an oft-grumbling 'mongrel' regiment. He is also charged with the four-millennia old imperial order that the 3rd Lastrati need to be periodically checked for signs of the Frateris Templars apostasy re-emerging.

Ivan is no stranger to demonstrating his authority and set a precedent by executing a junior officer on the day he was assigned to the 3rd Lastrati. The Commissar's report notes the guilty man was allowing his men 'excessive and unsupervised free time'.

Distant, unpopular and feared, yet strangely glamorous, Ivan enforces the Emperors will with a steel gaze and without a flinch.

Com. Ivan is feared by most of the regiment and hated by a few. At least one member of the regiment, Sgt Kilgore is plotting to kill Ivan if the opportunity presents itself but most of the others think that he can read their minds and the corresponding fear keeps the men disciplined. He 'trusts' Colonel Carson, as far as that word can be applied to a commissar, at worst he trusts him not to stab him in the back and to more or less uphold the will of the Emperor and as a result tends to focus his attentions on the junior officers and sergeants in the regiment.

Ivan realises, that as with any redeployment, opportunities will present themselves for the treacherous elements of the detachment to assassinate him or worse, desert. He does not fear anything or anyone but worries that if this occurs then the 'Emperors will' won't be fully carried out in the sector. Ivan feels that there are limited opportunities for his heresy finding skills to be put to proper use with the 3rd Lastrati in the sector and hopes that by proving himself here, or possibly even taking command of a squad or platoon should execution become necessary, he will prove himself worthy enough to be promoted to 'caring' for officers of a higher rank than colonel