Dramatis personae

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Commander 'Ice' Rimmur

Dramatis personae

Steely pilot of the Valkyrie 'Silent Death', not much is known about the Commander.  Some accuse him of being a coward and others of being uncaring - regardless, he has the trust of the Inquisitor to which he has pledged his allegiance and the trust of his men to fly them into the thick of combat where they are most needed.

Recently he has successfully called upon all his veteren skils to successfully land and pick up the MIA pilot Marwell who had vital imperial information about an Ork WWAAAGHHH.  Commended for bravery in an action which resulted in the loss of his flying partner and wingman piloting a second Valkyrie which was destoyed while landed in a cowardly bombing run from fight bombers sent by da green baron.

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