Dramatis personae

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Captain Mercian

Dramatis personae

Resolution. Dominance. Control. These three words will be etched into the hearts of every one under my command. The first we shall own; the second we shall bring; and the third we will force onto the greenskin.

-Attr. Captain Mercian, Novamarines Master of the Marches, at the commencement of the Fourth Great Cull.


Captain Otto Mercian led the Novamarines of 5th Company in numerous engagements against a variety of foes in the spinwards segment of the Antona Australis sector during M37. Chief amongst his achievements were:

Felling of the Phantom Titan Autumn of Our Days in single combat during the Operanhus War; defeat of the Shooty Boyz over the extended War on Throne; leading the Novamarines 5th Company during the Fourth Great Cull.

As is typical for the Novamarines, the Company is often isolated for decades at a time. Each marine is expected to sponsor and train a recruit drawn from Honorum; some of whom are mere infants when taken. Since relatively few of these prove worthy of being raised to the ranks (instead dying or becoming an Chapter thrall), individual companies of the Novamarines also recruit during their travails. Mercian was one such, being recruited from the backwater planet of Throne in the Tonnabruggias system, a planet which has enjoyed the patronage of the Chapter since time immemorial.

Proving a capable leader with a mobile and adaptable approach to warfare, Mercian has led the Company for a little over three decades; settling into the role under the tutelage of Reclusiarch Highheart. The Fifth Company Captaincy is especially precious to the Novamarines owing to their heavily-fleetbased approach, and Mercian bears the title with respect. Naturally reserved and personally spartan, Mercian carries little extraneous decoration beyond the Gem of Cestus; an heirloom buckle that secures his cloak, and symbolic of mastery of the Marches. 

In battle, Mercian was known for wielding a glimmering sword named Gladpurge, handcrafted by the Chapter's Master of the Forge. This was lost during the struggles on Throne – though his personal thrall, Andriss, bears the scabbard in the hope that one day the blade can be reclaimed. In its place, Mercian wields the Axe of Heighman, a precious relic of the 5th Company gifted to the Novamarines by their parent Chapter, the Ultramarines. 

Mercian cultivates a balanced disposition, as befits an heir of Guilliman; though he has proven cold-blooded on occasion – tending to see the lives of his men as ultimately expendable in the cause of purging the alien. So far, his resolution and decisions have proven ultimately sound: the cost being outweighed by the gains. Mercian – and Highheart – are circumspect on their actions should a future decision prove too costly. Like all Novamarines, Mercian pursues a zealous approach towards persecuting the Xenos, a trait which was exemplified during his heroic actions in prosecuting the Novamarines' pledge in the Fourth Great Cull.

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