Dramatis personae

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Captain Anakin Rickman

Dramatis personae

Calculating, sarcastic and demanding, Rickman is in many ways the opposite of the typical Star of Dorn. A tactical genius, he has suffered long years of mockery for "overthunking" things, before his elevation to the Captainacy of the 2nd company. Unfortunately, this has given him the task of leading men far too gung-ho to appreciate, let alone implement the majority of his strategems. Given this frustrating state of affairs, it is little wonder that the 2nd company continually petitions for the most bloody assignments and is often called in to pacify unrest and rebellious systems. Indeed, Rickman is on the verge of losing the few dregs of pity and mercy still residing in his dual hearts. His reputation for inflicting cruel and unusual punishments was confirmed, when he cut the heart out of the recidivist planetary governor, Robin Costner, using only a dull spoon. This endeared him to Inquisitor McCarthy and as a result, the 2nd Company is frequently called upon, to handle matters resulting from Inquisitorial investigations, that call for the use of pitiless, overwhelming force.

Fortunately for the Captain, his iron disciple is starting to filter through to the men under his command, although it has been a long-time in coming. However, it comes with a price. The 2nd Company often finds itself losing out to sponsorship deals, given their grim reputation. This has created a long-running rivalry with the 3rd and 4th Companies, which although less distinguished in victories are led by Captain "Flash" Hefner and Captain Kilgore, both of whom are far more photogenic and appealing to Amorican audiences. Rickman is also trying his best to undermine the position of Captain "Ace" Rimmerbolt, Captain of the First company, but to no avail.

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