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Caef Terentius Dresden

Dramatis personae

Caef Dresden retired at the rejuvenat-enhanced age of 450 to Lamb's World, after successful tours of duty in the campaigns on Shale, Ephraim, Melissa, Damocles Gulf, Dolor and numerous other warzones.


The events of the spring offensive left the 117th battered, with twenty per cent casualties. Numerous brevet ranks were awarded during the battles, and many of these were made official in the aftermath. Rip-sergeant Dresden, by virtue of being the most experienced member of his platoon left standing, was recommended for promotion to Lief (a rank roughly equivalent to Major) by Springsen. This decision was ratified unanimously by the comany's senior officers – a simple feat, since only one was left alive!

Dresden's tired and haggard appearance in this pict-capter is largely attributable to it being taken mere hours after an ambush by Eldar Raiders on the mining town of What, Here? as his force – a motley patchwork of Sigma Agrians, Lamb's Worlders and remnants of the Marathon armoured – was falling back to the Hatton Line.
Extract from A Later History of Shale, Inquisitorial Clearance only. Dresden's first mention is as a Rip-sergeant. During this campaign, he was promoted to Lief.


A senior officer of the Lamb's World XXVII Rifles, Dresden led the men of the regiment through its blooding on Ephraim against the terrible Hivefleet Baphomet; and successive campaigns in the Damocles Gulf and the Melissan Secession.

A cold and serious man, given to brooding and introspection, Dresden is no strategic genius, but has a firm grasp of battlefield tactics and excellent organisational skills. His courage and resolute determination to enact the Emperor's will exemplifies the Lamb's Worlders traditional values, and he is well-respected and admired by his superiors and serving riflemen alike.

Like all Lamb's Worlders, Dresden has lived a life of battle; serving with distinction in the PDF ork culls before his kin-grupp was levied into the Imperial Guard. As a Lief (dialect term for junior officer), Dresden engaged in light skirmishes against the Hakka, before being posted to Shale. It was during this terrible campaign that he received his brevet promotion to Lief-Maior, later confirmed; and then further promoted to Caef in charge of three Kin-companies.

Dresden is currently serving in Taskforce Warhound alongside the rest of the regiment, Dresden's troops are engaged in fighting orks and tau across Monstrous, the largest moon of M N 12 12.

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