Dramatis personae

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Arimas Thorn

Dramatis personae

From the Ecclesiarchical capital of Plutarch, in the Grovsenor system, First Heirarch Arimas Thorn guides the spiritual well-being and protection of the Imperial populace. An accomplished political animal and possessed of a first-rate mind, Thorn is the Sectorial Ecclesiarch. He inherited a stable and uncorrupt Church from his predecessor, Antimony Laim II.

On a personal level, Thorn is a courageous and tidy-minded person, rigorously devoted to his flock and frothingly anti-xenos. He has petitioned for numerous extermination campaigns against aboriginal natives ranging from the Hakka infesting Anton Antecedent, to the Pique Lumen of the Scallop Stars.

His reign as Ecclesiarch has been a short one, in stark contrast to Laim's eight-century reign. Conservative factions amongst the sectorial clergy regard him as a divisive firebrand for his monodominant approach to 'the Xenos Question', which is at odds to the traditional sector-wide approach of the Departmento Munitorum and Adeptus Antona: turning a blind eye to minor infractions. So distant is the Antona Australis system from Segmentum government, and so pervasive are the influence of xenos culture and artefacts that some Imperial worlds tolerate trade or even citywide cohabitation with certain xeno species – the Tau and Droon in particular have historical ties to many worlds, and have settled as traders in ghettos and cities in the more tolerant worlds.

Arimas Thorn regards this as an abomination, and is determined to utilise the power of the Church to re-establish monohuman habitation, dominance and 'purification' of affected planets. His unofficial stronghold of support lies in the Gorgidas system, where he counts many influential friends amongst the High Judges of the Adeptus Arbites, and sits planning in the Ecclesiarchal Palace on Miticas.