Dramatis personae

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Archmagos Hebrian Lucas Zion

Dramatis personae

Archmagos Hebrian Lucas Zion (M31.032–present)

Amongst the menial laity of Forgeworlds, children are told tales of sentient viruses, endro-goblins and mischievous gremlins to scare them into behaving; to do their chores or to pay more attention to the Techpriesthood.

Adults are not so credulous... and yet there are tales told that chill even the stoutest heart... tales of creatures barely human; tales of ancient and forbidden knowledge: tales of the Archmagi Venerati – the Mechanicum of Mars' internal Inquisition.

The Archmagos Hebrian Lucas Zion is over ten thousand years old. In his more lucid moments, he dimly remembers the official Recognition of the Emperor as the Omnissiah; the celebrations of the alliance between the Mechanicum of Mars and the Imperium of Terra; the glories of the Great Crusade; the knowledge gained...

...and the knowledge lost. He remembers the burning of the spires of Mars; spitting on the corpses of Kelbor Hal's followers; the bitter tears of wisdom gained and squandered.

Long-consigned to an amniotic stilltank, his lucid moments grow fewer and fewer. More and more isolated by his incredible age and the futile retardation of aging, Zion's mind is increasingly occupied merely with remaining conscious. A burning Will to Knowledge remains; an ember of a former forge.

He pilots an ancient battlesuit of unique design into battle; using long-forgotten tech to puppet two fleshscions from his protective cask in the aft of the suit. His plans and intentions are impossible to understand for mere mortals.

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