Dramatis personae

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Air Marshal Flasch-hart

Dramatis personae

Flasch is a younger sibling of an important noble family on Grosvenor 6 and due to all of his older siblings surviving (and the huge increase in alimony being paid by the family to the daughters of of other noble families) he rapidly became inconvenient to the family.  As a result he was rapidly sponsored through the Imperial Navy in the hope that he would either be gloriously martyred or become a family hero and therefore more convenient. 

He could quite easily have risen above flying mere planes into Navy command positions but has refused to, preferring the 'action' of the front line.  Flasch commands considerable influence and power though over what his unit does and it is rumoured that he was connected to or grew up with Inquisitor Maltheus.  One particularly wild rumour says that he won a personal teleportation device from the Inquisitor in a game of cards.

Flasch has a penchant for the dramatic and is arrogant, chauvenistic and highly appealing to the opposite sex. He is popular amongst his peers, and immediately becomes the centre of attention whenever he enters a room, usually by bursting through a wall in a spectacular fashion.  Flasch definitely thinks more of himself than do his peers who are all aware of his one weakness that will keep him pre occupied for hours: a mirror.

Other than his annoyance that Captain T'Moro gets more attention than he does, Flasch is also known for his long running grudge against the ork blood axe Da Blak-Adda (infamous for his notorious squig bombs and distinctly un orky characteristics such as being able to do basic mathematiks).

Flasch commands the Maurader Bomber St. Capilenes Revenge as well as commanding the wing.  

He has recently coordinated the successfuly rescue of Captain Marwell (after receiving a bit of Inquisitorial intelligence from an old buddy) and boy does he like making sure just about evervybody in the sector knows about it! (especially that upstart T'Moro who crewman he rescued!  Now who looks good eh?)