Dramatis personae

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Adminstrator-Sergeant Leuphen [MIA]

Dramatis personae

Leuphen original hails from Grosvenor 6, and became a successful bureaucrat in a system which rarely rewards talent.  He would have remained an Administratum Minor with a quiet life if it not been for an unfortunate incident with an Administratum Supervitrix.  

Leuphen does not speak about this incident, but a check of the records will note that five years previously Leuphen underwent disciplinary proceedings. He was offered a transfer to either penal colony administration or the new asset recovery department, a brainchild of the current governor. This incident occured at the same time as Administratum Supervitrix Tocsin lodged a 'bad filing practise' complaint against Leuphen and was later found beaten within an inch of her life with her own data slate.

The powers that be realised that Leuphen was one of those few individuals who somehow displayed an aptitude for both combat and administration and soon became the leader of his own asset recovery unit. Leuphen received training from the Adeptus Arbites and distinguished himself on the field, earning an Honorifica Administratum for bravery during the Tax Collection Riots on Clinth.  His example has since been noted as he not only performed his combat duties admirably but also filed reports on every detail of his suppression activities, including balance sheet of every credit owed by every casualty in triplicate. To this day, the Tax Riots of Clinth remain the only bureaucratic incident in Clinth's recent history for which every credit has been accounted.

Leuphen's true test came when his team was sent on an asset recovery mission to Bothusian Prime. Having uncovered a Xenos coven residing in catacombs beneath the long-lost Sectorial Governor's summer palace, he was the only member of his team to escape the building with his life. Riots and tax collection were one thing, but encountering the horror of Tyranid vanguard organisms is enough to break the sanity of all but the most strong-willed. The Leuphen who descended into the catacombs was not the same person who emerged. 

As no further reports or expenses had been filed by Leuphen, his file was added to the in the 'Missing in Action, presumed extremely dead' pile*. However this turned out to be a pessimistic assessment of the situation, as the soldiers of the counter attacking Imperial force encountered him on the fields of Bothusion killing Genestealers and generally blowing stuff up. Although the Imperial forces were eventually beaten back, Leuphen was able to evacuate with them.

Since then, Leuphen has continued tro help imperial forces, particularly the Lastrati 3rd.  He only appears in times of great need such as the recent xenos clashes that the 3rd have had and the loss of the Lastrati administratum frigate.  The only warning received of the imminent arrival of the one man asset recovery team is a pile of paperwork reassigning him to the unit, all signed in triplicate and apparently in order.

*There are actually a dozen different imperial sub designations for Missing in Action of which 'extremely dead' is the third most lethal.  'Missing in Action, presumed very dead' is used by commissars when they have attempted a long range battlefield execution whose results are slightly uncertain but the use of the word 'very' ties up well in the paperwork with their verdict, 'very guilty'.  The most lethal sub designation is of course 'Missing in Action, no presumption of death is required, we just cant find the body', a designation given to provably loyal soldiers on planets subject to only the most violent forms of exterminatus where evacuation was not cost efficient.

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